Where are you looking?

Today I had the most explanations about my health than I have in almost one year. That’s the good 👌🏾.

The bad is that it took me about 5 mins and 42 secs to park the car. I was terrified of hitting the car next to me so I kept looking in my mirrors and not at the parking attendant. When I finally parked and got out of the car the parking attendant said to me ‘Miss…all yuh had to do was look at me. Yuh coulda park in 30 secs if you jus kept yuh eyes on me.’ (read with a Trini accent…obviously).

So naturally I started thinking of how many other things are taking a long time for me to accomplish because my eyes aren’t fixed in the right place 👀.

Also if you haven’t guessed by now, this photo has absolutely nothing to do with the above.

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