🍍The smallest pineapple that ever did pineapple

Yesterday we talked about roots and in importance of having strong roots to hold soil together during certain seasons. Odd convo right? It came up because of the landslide that happened a few days ago…apparently one of the reasons was because trees were uprooted along the cliff’s edge. It was easier for the soil to become loose because nothing was holding it together.

This morning I got up with roots and trees on my mind and checked in with Sacha for a refresher on a statement he quotes often. “A society/democracy/republic grows strong when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall not sit in”. Thinking about these things:

1. Thankful for the trees that were planted that continue to provide solid roots for me…thanks @perfectly.acceptable and the many others in her generation and the ones before

2. The trees I’m planting and ensuring that they will give my boys and future generations a sturdy foundation.

3. Will any of the trees that I’m planting be uprooted or will they be valued.

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