We had an impromptu ‘after-party’ last night for Jon at our place. And after everyone left and I’m doing the usual processing of my day, I couldn’t help but be thankful for this particular tribe.

Friendship is a beautiful thing and we’re so, so blessed to have so many friends that we can share varied experiences with. Some conversations last night had me laughing heartier laughs than I’ve had all week! Like seriously…if I told you, you wouldn’t believe . On the other hand we’ve also processed and journeyed through moments of that were the polar opposite of tummy-hurting laughter.

I think ahead to the week coming up and I know they’re looking forward to it just as much as I am. Because to us, Easter is more than just a long weekend:

  • it’s THE weekend why we do what we do
  • it’s THE weekend that shows us what LOVE  is all about
  • it’s THE weekend why I’ve found this tribe and I’m not letting them go
  • it’s THE weekend that is the reason for our deep and real joy
  • it’s THE weekend that is the reason we have hope in moments of sadness
  • it’s THE weekend that humbles us because we think ‘wow…even if it was only for me, Jesus would have still died on the cross?’

Personally, I think every emotion known to man is going to be felt by me this coming week. Cue The Captain bracing himself for the upcoming emotional mess. At the end of it all, I’m just so thankful for Jesus, tribes and beautiful moments and memories.



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