Three nails

Three days

Three three word phrases

⁃ It is finished.

⁃ He is risen.

⁃ My Saviour lives.

Jesus cried. He asked if it was at all possible to have this burden removed from him. It wasn’t easy because He was God. He was fully man when He died on the cross.

He felt every pain.

He felt the sting of every mocking word.

He cried.

But…don’t you like buts?

BUT…He. Did. It. Anyway.


Because He loves us.

You know when Oprah would give prizes away to everyone in her audience?

Jesus did it first…and way better. Because He didn’t just die for those who love and follow Him.

He died for those who are indifferent about Him, those who have never considered Him, those who hate Him, those who haven’t even heard of Him, those who used to love Him but have been hurt by ‘the church’ and now they question it all.

You name a person and He died for them.

He died, so quite, literally everyone could have eternal life, hope and a future.

Love ran red BUT on the third day He rose again. Death by three nails lost its power in three days. It is finished. He is risen. My Saviour lives.

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