Interruption: obstacle vs opportunity

Not to brag or anything, but yesterday morning I annoyed one of my sons by extending help to him 😂. True story.

At times like this I’m grateful I have two of the same gender so I don’t mistakenly reveal their identity…cause you KNOW I would slip up.

Anyway he was trying to get something done and I had something that would have helped with said task. It was before school so you know…normal morning tiredness or whatever else causes teens to be grumpy in the morning. After a few mins of seeing his struggle, I called him to get his attention to give him what I had that would help. At first he was annoyed that I distracted him. But when he realized I had something to help, he accepted my offer.

I was caught off guard by his response. I mean after all, my only goal was to help him get his task completed sooner. But he didn’t see it that way, he was focussed on a task and I intentionally distracted him.

I get annoyed by distractions and interruptions too. But yesterday I was challenged to look at interruptions in a bit of a different light. So, until I find the purpose of the interruption, I’m not going to treat it as an obstacle, because it may just be an opportunity.

And on that note I add: Parenting is not for cowards.

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