Still Workin’

4 lines from the bottom and a touch off centre.
You see that protrusion?
Yeah that one.
It was summer 2017 (dun dun dun 🥁).
The garage door was acting a fool and I had to manually close it. Except I couldn’t find the handle to pull it down. Later, I discovered it was on the inside of the door 🙁.
Anyway, I did what any normal (please make me feel like I’m normal) person would do, I grabbed the door through the slats and pulled.
It worked. But as the door started to come down it got heavier and basically fell with its own weight…and my fingers? Well…let me tell ya…they got caught right in that spot. My fingers created that protrusion. The entire neighbourhood heard the silent (or not-so-silent) scream.
It’s been almost a year since that happened. Since that event left an imprint on the door. But the door still opens and closes as it was created to.
Life happens and sometimes ‘life’ leaves imprints on us. Big or small…good or bad reminders that ‘it was here!’, but don’t let stop you from living like you were created to.

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