Dream BIG Dreams

This right here?

There was a time it created so much tension for me.

The dreamer me was often silenced by the realist me.

But can you imagine for a minute if we all dreamed big dreams?

That’s a big dream right there yeah?

What if we all told somebody about our big dreams?

[big caveat somebody meaning a safe somebody. a trusted somebody. cause not all somebodies will fire up your dream.]

What about even if we found a way to support and celebrate the big dreams of others?

Big dreams aren’t only the money making ones.

You know creating the next big app.

Starting the next new trend.

Dropping the next big single.

Though they can very well are big dreams in their own right.

To me a big dream is anything that scares you.

For example one of my big dreams is working out throughout the winter months.

Laugh is you must but that’s super scary to me!

Guess what I’m trying to say is we all have dreams and the big ones..the really big ones that we can’t quite figure out how to accomplish in our own strength are also worth pursing.

God honours big dreams because big dreams honour God. He gets to show off through us what He can do.

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