Squad Goals Tricia Wright

About Me

Hi there, I’m Tricia Wright. Most days you can find me deep, deep in the world of advertising. For fun, I design prints, stopped selling for now but hopefully will bring them back. I’m mostly known for my smile (ha!) and my ability to connect with people. Those close to me call me ‘Tiny’ (because ‘Petite’ never caught on as a nickname).

I love serving the world by loving on people! I’m passionate about Jesus, my extremely handsome and patient husband, Robert (aka ‘The Captain’), my not-so-little-in-reality-but-will-always-be-my-little humans – Isaiah and Noah, pretty things, clever words and FOOD (can’t believe I actually put that last…eeeek!).

Outside of my nine-to-five, you can catch me at home cooking for my fam (and other people…too many to mention), saving our family shortybull – Duke Ellington Wright – from the aforementioned humans, cleaning up after the humans, reading, dancing with the humans, cleaning…oh wait, did I mention that already?

Still here? Well let’s connect…ask me a question!

Thank you for stopping by.
trish xo


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