Colour Is The New Black | Spring Nail Lacquers

**As originally published in COCO Magazine**

Nail polish looks

Let’s face it, that noticeable pep in our step and smile on our face is because we’re anxiously sealing the envelope of the inevitable ‘Dear John’ letter to old man Winter as we start to flirt with the fun, brighter and happier suitor named Spring.

We’ve waited for what seemed like forever for spring and we’ve got plans to bring it. Part of what makes this season so exciting is that we often draw from nature’s cues as we add more colour into our wardrobe.

How about doing the same with your nail polish?

Whether you have are a ‘do-it-yourself’ gal (like me), have a recurring manicure appointment or a ‘do-it-as-the-occasion-requires’ mantra (hopefully very few of you fall into this category), do me a favour and try a ‘spring’ colour.

Let’s face it the traditional French manicure and nude polishes will always have a special place in our ‘manicure files’. But it’s also fun, exciting and VERY appropriate to experiment with colour…bright colours.

Thankfully the powers that be in the nail polish industry also concur so, lucky for you, anywhere you look from the nail shop to the drugstore, there’s a great selection that awaits you.

Trust me, adding this splash of colour is guaranteed to brighten your day as you type away at your keyboard, dial up that friend to meet for drinks or extend your hand to greet a stranger. At the very least, for people like me who notice someone’s nails before anything else, it’ll put a smile on their face and hopefully then yours.

Not sure which colour to try first? Try an emerald green – it’s the ‘Colour of 2013’!

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