Eyes wide open…

I see you!

A couple of Sundays ago I visited my mum’s church. During the song service I noticed this little boy in the seats in front of us, probably no older than 3 years, drumming on his knees the ENTIRE song service. My parents attend a ‘black’ church, so you know the song service was LOOOOOOOONG and ROCKING! Despite that this little boy did not quit! His tiny hands kept amazing timing, moving fast and slow, even throwing in double beats when required.

After the service I asked his mum if she’d be ok if I sent something for him with my mum the next week. I mentioned to her that I watched him ‘play the drums’ on his knees and I was going to send a drum set for him. At first she seemed a little stand-offish, but hey she doesn’t know me, never saw me before, so I can understand. Once I told her who my parents were, she relaxed a bit, smiled and said ‘ok.’

Immediately after service, The Captain, the boys and I went to get the drum set from Toys R’Us. We made the purchase, put it in mum’s car and forgot about it. On Sunday, mum called and said ‘Trish that woman was so happy! I think she was happier than her son. Thank you for doing that.’

At first I was completely lost…I forgot what had happened the week before, and then it all came back. I was so happy that I was able to do something for that young family. I’m not writing about this for kudos or praise…I’m writing about this because ‘life’ happens around us all. All we need to do is to INTENTIONALLY be mindful to keep our eyes wide open at all times, to find the opportunities to do good around us.

If you can do something to help someone today, do it today, don’t leave it for tomorrow because great opportunities to do good never last long.

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