We practice gratitude

Today, Noah was sick…and I wanted to take his discomfort away. I wanted him to tell me jokes, to be witty, to laugh and dance with me. But he wasn’t up to it, he wasn’t up to anything. Basically for the entire day, he was half-asleep-half-awake-and-sweetly-grumpy, unless I gently stroked the bottom of his feet (thanks Jess!).

At 3 pm I took him to the doctor, diagnosis was croup, we got meds. Came home administered the meds and no less than 30 mins later he couldn’t breathe. His chest was working so hard to get the air through. I could usually count his ribs (don’t worry he’s healthy…just skinny), but this time with each breath I could almost see the shape of all his internal organs. Then he threw up…remember I don’t deal well with those things, so Sai attended to him while I prayed (judgment free zone…remember).

Once he settled, I got him into the car and drove him to the hospital. This evening was THE first time in my 20 years of knowing The Captain that I was unable to reach him…voicemail constantly. Remember the days of pagers/beepers? Yeah, well I made contact a lot easier then, than I did this evening. He eventually located me by using his iPhone app (thanks for that super creepy feature Apple!)

The drive to the hospital seemed like the longest ever. But once we got through the doors (literally through the doors), Noah was attended to. I was on one side of the ER getting him registered, he was on the other side being triaged…questions were being yelled and answered across the ER. I briefly looked around to the full waiting room and even the patients who were waiting had concerned looks on their faces.

Noah was put in a room within 5 mins of arriving and Ventolin was being administered within 7 mins. Fastest. Service. Ever. We had the sweetest nurses and doctor and though Noah was out of it, he said ‘thank you’ (if even weakly) after everything they did. We stayed there for 4 hours before being discharged.

During those 4 hours:

  • Sai was picked up, fed dinner and looked after
  • A dozen grade 7 and 8s, aunts, uncles and cousins were on high prayer alert (thanks Isaiah)
  • Grandparents and our tribe were in full support mode

Rob decided to leave the hospital early so that he could come home to do the clean up and get this…he came home to a spotless house! Carpet cleaned, cushions washed, barf bucket emptied. Friends came in and did that. They cleaned up for us. If Rob didn’t know me better, he might have thought that I fabricated the events leading up to the hospital.

I have a lot to be thankful for…seriously. I love my family, I love my tribe and I love my God!

Oh! One more thing, I didn’t pay for parking when I got to the hospital. It was TOO much to think about…bad reason I know…but it was one of those metered parking thingys, so I’d have to find change or a credit card and my child couldn’t breathe. I had no time for that! Noah and I prayed in his room that I wouldn’t get a ticket. When we left the hospital and went to the parking garage, I got Noey into the car so he wouldn’t see the heartache in my eyes for the parking ticket…I checked and no ticket!!! Right? I am loved.

To all who called, prayed, helped. BIG THANKS.

  1. This made me cry for many reasons but the #1 reason was that he’s with us and is doing better ❤️

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