Got this piece of art from a friend today. Met her just over 1 year ago…she and her family recently moved to Canada from South Africa. We kinda instantly hit it off. You know the kind of people where your spirits just click? That was how this friendship was born.

Went to her home today for her daughter’s first birthday party and I left with this beauty. She said she got this one word for me and wanted to make something so that I would remember it. Right?

When I got home and was taking it out the car, the reverse side was facing me.


Two things stood out to me:

  • To ‘shine’ doesn’t mean I have to be perfect. 
  • And even though the reverse side isn’t as neat as the front, you can still tell what the word it. So in the midst of situations, good, bad, ugly, pretty or indifferent…the essence of who you are remains the same.

Find that essence, remember that essence and live that essence.

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