Peachy ‘keen’…

Peachy Cream
Naylene F9

If it’s possible to fall in love with a nail polish colour…I did…with Naylene F9.

I initially chose this colour at a nail salon that I visited for a manicure. For weeks after that, I scoured the internet, I tweeted, I called, I visited just about every beauty shop in York region, friends were called on to support the search efforts.  Nothing.  This was the most elusive colour.  Ever!

Until one day, I found it at an African beauty supply shop in Toronto.  I was ready to buy every bottle they had…and I did!  Problem is they had just one bottle!  Which store carries just one bottle of a certain colour?!?!  Coincidentally, later that day, my girlfriend Mich, called me excitedly to tell me that she ordered a bottle from a nail shop she visited.

The bottle in this picture is Michelle’s, I’m on a ‘loan-to-own’ program…hahaha.  The bottle I purchased was garbage after about 2 months.

Perfect segue to my rating.  For the first time, I can’t give one universal rating for this polish.  Instead I have to rate different aspects of it, because really it’s not a very good formula of nail polish.

  • Colour: 5/5
  • Formula/Consistency/Mix: 2.5 (I now know just how much polish I need on the brush for a smooth, consistent application, but it took me a while.  The formula isn’t great. At. All)
  • Ease to buy: 1.5/5 (arggghhh)

Would I recommend it?  Yes! Because you’ll love, love, love the colour (it looks great on every skin tone), but it’s up to you to figure out where to buy it and the perfect application for you.


  1. Hi! Which beauty store in Toronto did you find Cream Naylene…i have looked everywhere. Online too….im having a panick attack. I need to get this nail polish.
    I just used the red for 1st time and its better than OPI

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