CWI: Advice to my Future Self – part 1


Earlier this week, I was chatting with Isaiah about some things that I would tell my future self. I then turned it on him and asked him what he would tell his future self. Here’s what that convo:


Isaiah: To marry the right person

Me: Really? Why is that?

Isaiah: Because if I don’t I might get a divorce

Me: And what would that mean?

Isaiah: It would mean that I’ll be unhappy, my kids will be unhappy, my family will be unhappy.

Me: So what does marrying the right person look like to you

Isaiah: Someone who believes the same things as me. If they believe the same things as me, we’ll have less to disagree on and more to do together.

Well Isaiah, I’ll keep asking this question periodically and make note of them here, so you can read all the advice that you have for your future self. Love mom

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