For some it’s the scariest two letter word. And that’s a tough thing to be for a two letter word. I mean come on no two letter word is intimidating. They’re all small and cute and with proper use you can use them to really boost your Scrabble game 😂.

It’s funny that we had to teach our kids not to talk to strangers. Which I know is totally the way to go and an appropriate instruction for young children. But as we become adults we carry that with us.

It’s in our nature to befriend and be friendly, but something steers us the other way. Something tells us that we’re too busy to say hi. Something tells us that we may look odd if we say hi. Something tells us that someone else will say hi. Something tells us no one said hi to us.

The young lady at the checkout counter, the man in the queue behind you, the mom that you see everyday at the school, the person that rides the same train with you. So. Many. People. All around. A smile, a wave or a ‘hi!’…better yet all three. Who knows what a difference it could make.

Today I challenge you to rethink ‘hi!’ There’s a lot of power packed into this little word. I know you’re not always gonna get a pleasant response or any response for that matter. But trust me, those people…the ones that don’t respond…yeah those ones. They will probably replay the moment you said hi, over and over again.

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