Noahism: I am satisfied with my care

Yesterday, after dinner, I asked the boys, as I usually do, ‘Are you satisfied?’. Yesterday, I got a response from Noah that I’ve never gotten before:

“Yes mom. I am satisfied with my care.”

I know you’re thinking ‘that Noah…he’s so witty’ and he is, but that line is from one of his favourite movies Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6, like so many other Disney movies, has the element of sacrificial love woven into the story – think Frozen ‘some people are worth melting for’. In Big Hero 6, Baymax realizes that he can sacrifice himself to save Hiro, but before he does, he seeks affirmation from Hiro and asks ‘Are you satisfied with your care?’

The idea of someone sacrificing themselves for another is so compelling! It’s exactly what happen in what is in my opinion ‘the greatest story ever told’. Jesus sacrificed his life for us…for me. Despite that, I sometimes find myself grumbling or complaining and sweating the small stuff. The question isn’t whether God is good…He is always good! The question should always be ‘Am I satisfied?’. And I should always be, because He promised “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you…” (Jer 29:11 MSG)

So yeah…my kids did it again! Thank you Noah for reminding me that I too should be satisfied with my care…at all times.

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